2016 // a list of things because i love lists

Like I went missing for over a month. I promise I wasn't partying. I wasn't abducted by aliens. I want avoiding you all.
I'm okay.
I've just been catching up.

It's been quite a year.
Some of us probably want to step, shoot, and forget all about it. But yo this has been an awesome year.
Yeah it was pretty bad in some places. But I think every year has its downfall.
To be honest it was one of the best for me. And the hardest.
For a ton of reasons.
I've grown a lot. As a child of God, a person, a writer.
I feel like this has been a year of me growing A LOT. Like finding out who I really am and who I want to be.

I mean, I wrote a book. My very first novel. It's a giant mess and I'm dreading edits but it's my baby. It's about music and blood. Sand and secrets. Bright eyes and soft touches. Gah.
Don't make me get feelsy about it all.

Idk. A lot of things happened. I cried. I got angry. Things didn't work out. Life felt like a hopeless mess at times. I also ran against walls trying to figure out life. But there were so many good things.
Like budding friendships with people I've never met. Friendships with those who I see multiple times a week. My family and making excessive amounts of cheesy jokes and bad puns with them.  Embarrassing photos and screaming about random things. Everything. It was really the best.
All those precious moments. Wrapped up in four numbers.
But anyways here's a small glimpse of what was awesome from these past 365 days.


There were so many good books this year.
I read 103.
and here are my favorites (not in any order)
  • Some of my favorites: Scythe, Unwind, A Time To Rise, Salt To the Sea, Circle series, Some Kind of Happiness, Storm Siren trilogy, A Series of Unfortunate Events.


These are all the things I binge listened to. Yes. All this music. Music has been a driving force in this past year. Motivating me. Moving me. Some songs connected with me in a special way. Really special. gah.
it just gives me the feels. Especially when Tyler Joseph screams in the songs.
feels. feels. feels. Don't make me cry.

But without music I'd probably shrivel up or something. But don't get me started cause I'll talk about song menaings and twenty one pilots for 83828 hours straight.
These are just a few favorites

Twenty One Pilots. Switchfoot. Relient K. Jon Foreman. For King and Country. Lauren Daigle. Oh Hellos. Colony House. Roo Panes. Mumford and Sons. All Sons and Daughters.


So like I said up there. 
I wrote my first novel. It was an awesome things. So much effort and love thrown into a screen. Thought out. 
Scarlet became a giant mess. It needs more editing than ever. It makes me smile. makes me heart hurt. idk. 
It's just that thing that pokes your heart. 
I also started my NaNo novel. I failed NaNo but you know there's always next year. I plan on completing The Second Misery this year. 
OKAY GUYS. This one is completely okay. It's cool. Really cool. Something I'm really excited about. Well   obviously nothing will happen to it but I'M TRYING TO WRITE A HAWKEYE MOVIE. It's all feels and heart gushing heart ripping things. His childhood is agh. I still need to read matt fractions hawkeye cause I've heard it's good? Idk. It'll take a lot of looking at things and figuring out the mcu, but ITS ALL WORTH IT. 

I don't want to throw away this year. I want to to be worth something.
I've got one shot at it.
I don't want to say later
or tomorrow. There's stuff to do. And it needs to get done. We don't know how long we have.
Make the moments count. Do something big. Make this your year.
Don't save that for 2018 or 2019. CONQUER THIS YEAR. You don't know if this is your last one.

Let's chat
WELL WELL WELL. This has been an awesome year. Amazing. How was your 2016? What are some favorite books? Moments? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? (If you did a post link me to it).


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