one year anniversary q&a // pretty much me rambling

HELLO GUYS! (sorry about my unplanned hiatus in which I actually didn't do anything extra since I wasn't posting...... just the normal school and stuff). But I finally got this filmed and ready! 

So there is a bit of back round noise from playing kids, but here is the vlog for my one year blog anniversary! (which we will celebrate with my end of the month post with some stats and such because I have no ideas) 
You guys had a ton of good questions and if I accidentally skipped one (or two or three ugh) questions on accident I'm really sorry. I had to stop a couple times and I got lost on my list a lot. (also I didn't realize how messy our room was and I keep saying sorry and just need to just accept that YOU GUYS ARE PROBABLY MESSY TOO AND LIFE ISN'T SO PERFECT AND CLEAN AND MY VIDEO ISN'T GOING TO BE PERFECT EITHER) 

But there's a lot of me talking..... me showing some books, I play ukulele, ended up getting an unplanned visit from a friend who sings while I play the uke (she also has a blog, go check it out cause it's awesome), and yeah. It was a good learning experience-- maybe I'll do more in the future because it was fun. But not something shorter....... not another 50 minute video.

And like I said in the vlog, I should have my post on my Camp NaNo project in the next week or so. Plus I should be back to posting if I can get some of my scattered ideas together. xD. 

so did I talk wayyyyyy too much? how about you guys answer one or two of the questions....? 

ASK ME QUESTIONS GUYS // one year blog anniversary q&a vlog

So, my one year blog anniversary thing is coming up at the end of March. I actually don’t know the exact date since I switched from Blogger to Wordpress right after I started and sadly lost the first couple posts…… so I’m just assuming it is the 25th but shhhhhhh. No one is going to care.

I thought it would be fun to put together a vlog with me answering your questions (yes cliche and everyone does it-- but it’ll be fun/awesome cause I will probably rant about things for a long time). I have a laptop, a phone, and a couple of puns to throw in when there's an awkward silence. It'll be great. ANYWAYS.
The little form is below, so ask away.
I’ll try to have this up in the next couple weeks. (hopefully on or before the 25th and some fun stuff on the anniversary OF MY SMALL CHILD BLOG…… maybe a giveaway? Maybe snippets? What should I do guys I’m lost?!)

But ask anything (don't ask me to dance please. Please don’t do that to me). Ask about books, writing, my favorite movies, marvel, and allllllll the things. COME AT ME. I might be able to get you the answers to questions that keep you awake at night and burn holes in your eyeballs. (don't ask why questions burns holes)
It'll be my face, your lovely questions, and a whole lot of laughing.

[deep questions yo] 


february // fight on

So we've made it through another month of 2017.
I can't believe February is already gone?! Like......... why.

But it was a somewhat productive month for me.

I finally saw Rogue One (which broke my heart into a million tiny pieces then proceeded to blend those pieces up guys it was beautiful. no spoilers but if you asked 'hannah would you have changed the ending?' i would say no. the ending is what made it so beautiful...... it actually made me legit cry. i've never really cried like that in any movies but this one really just feels) Oh goodness I need to watch it again and cry all over again. 

School as always. Seeing baby cousins. Meeting a favorite author. Bullet journaling. Haha more school. 

My February reads were actually really aesthetically pleasing in color. Looking at it makes me happy. THE LUNAR CHRONICLES LET ME FLAIL FOREVER GUYS. And The Unwind Dystology. Actually all of Neal Shusterman's books are amazing. 
I have maybe six books waiting on the library hold shelf so yay for reading. AND I'M READING THE ROGUE ONE BOOK RIGHT NOW AND GUYS I'm holding off because I don't know if I'll survive the end. 

all sorts of things. 

And Deathbed by Relient K. Please go listen now okay? Jon Foreman sings at the end of the song and it makes my heart so happy. 

I started editing The Sand Song. Well I'm going through my printed copy and making soooooo many notes on things that suck. Things that need to change. Things I love. Me flailing..... all that good stuff. 

I'm starting to plot my Camp Nano novel. I'll have a post on it later but pretty much it's a super soldier, dancers, murder, skin tight suits, stars, wounds, and other weird sci-fi things. It's going to be epic. 

I'm also hoping to start up on my Hawkeye screenplay again-- though it might turn into a show because there's wayyyyy too much to stuff in two hours. I love TV shows and I love Hawkeye so it might be fun? Nope it will be fun. And I have some Hawkeye comics waiting at the library yay!!! 

But I've been really busy so not that many creative things going on. 

I talked about me making my book 'The Sand Song' into legit novel (and I flailed a lot).

We had a little chat about creative process and how we are all unique with our ways.

This was a rambling that included Switchfoot, thoughts about the future, and being content. 


And a few tips on being productive featuring my bad pasta puns. 

So how was your month? What's going on? Tell me all. And sorry for the short post xD had to throw it together at the last minute. 

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