unintentions and remorse

Wow, where / how do I start... I have experienced so many emotions over the last 24 hours after getting contacted about copying other’s works and ideas. At first I was angry by the accusations, then extremely hurt by the thought that others felt I was “stealing” from them. Through tearful eyes, I sat with my parents to prayerfully review my blog and realized the influences from others had permeated into this blog in ways that I believe it's best to take it down indefinitely.

I’m sorry to any readers that are disappointed, but it’s best if I sign off and disconnect completely. This was supposed to be an avenue for me to learn, have fun, share, practice, meet, and connect with others. On the contrary, it seems like I may have inadvertently harmed others, which literally has me sick to my stomach. Please accept my sincerest apology if you have been harmed in any way by posts made on this blog.

I’d like to specifically acknowledge the following artists who I highly recommend checking out:
  • Aimee Meester / To The Barricade  - A very talented artist who has lots of creativity to share with this world.
  • Katie Grace / A Writer's Faith - A wonderful person who I had the honor of meeting last year at Realm Makers. She has some crazy cool ideas that are impacting the writing world.
  • Jonathan Trout / Fishing For Ideas -I have known Jonathan for over a year and he has proven to be an amazing writer who is super funny and inspiring.
  • Amanda Beguerie / Scattered Journal Pages -Amanda inspires me to walk closer to God and to not over run my life with insignificant things.
  • Nadine Brandes  - An amazing author who has inspired me to write to glorify God-- not just to please readers. If you haven’t read the Out Of Time trilogy please do.
  • Neal Shusterman - Another amazing author who I got to meet earlier this year. His books are some of my favorite. They tackle tough issues without shying away from reality and I would highly recommend them to everyone.
  • Switchfoot / Jon Foreman - Switchfoot and their lead singer, Jon Foreman, have been a large influence in my walk as a Christian and my life as a writer. Music is really important to me and much of what I produce as an artist stems from songs either from Switchfoot or Jon Foreman. Their music is raw, real, and inspiring.
  • Krista McGee -Anomaly, Luminary, and Revolutionary are books that have impacted my writing life greatly. This trilogy opened my eyes to how important music really is to people (especially during hardships) and urged me to start writing what would be my first book ever in 2015.

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