stories are powerful.

hey hey hey. I'm here today to sort of fangirl and talk a bit about stories and their power and maybe go off on my YA rant again. It'll be fun because this post includes Les Mis and Lord of the Rings.

Stories are powerful. Some aren't that good. Some suck and are insults to the true stories. the ones that really matter. But there are a ton of good stories out in the world. A lot of them are classics. I love classics. I absolutely love the Iliad and man I read that thing and just love it so much. Then there are the non-classic stories that I love and rant about.
But seriously.
A story can change a person. This isn't a long or profound post. It isn't really anything but me fangirling over stories. But that's ok.

[it's fuzzy but it fits] 

Les Miserables. I've watched Les Mis (1998 version. I won't go with any other version.) twice this week. Once with my mom and once with a friend. And there is like no fandom for the older movie?  It took me a long time to find that gif below so enjoy it. I can't find any others. Nothing. At. All. (To appease my obsession. Precious.)

Both times I've watched it have hit me hard and man. Feels and emotions and just realizing that this is the type of story I want to be told all the time. Forgiveness and love and redemption. Sometimes the end is gritty and something doesn't work out for someone but that's okay. Some people finally gte to fly free and live in peace and that is just beautiful. And the whole thing with Fantine and Valjean ah, my heart melts and it's so sweet. He treats her like a queen and just yes.
When the firing squad lines up and the victims are crying and screaming 'To the Republic!' it makes me want to cry. People fighting for what they love and believe in. They weren't anyone special. Just a bunch of poor students and others who wanted freedom. It wasn't this chosen one girl who rebelled because she wanted attention and the tall dark and handsome. It wasn't the dark mysterious guy who was just being downright annoying and gosh please stop wooing all the girls in your path. (I already did a nice long rant/complaint about YA books and you can read that if you want.) I'm not going to start off on it again. But these are the stories I love. The ones that have real values and aren't saturated with selfish characters. Ordinary people doing these things that might not make a large impact-- maybe it does-- but they fought for something larger than themselves.

[ah yes] 
Maybe one day I'll write a giant post about Les Mis and the book (which I am almost done with) and everything. I'm just in love with it all. 

Lord of the Rings. Yes, I have a life, write and do school. I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS SO MUCH. I watched Two Towers over the weekend. I was actually quoting ( and possibly acted out some) the whole first like 15 minutes by heart and my brother came in to make sure everything was ok. But it reminded me of this again. Ths whole thing about stories being powerful and fighting for what you believe in. 
There were Frodo and Sam. Sam didn't have to keep going with Frodo. Sam saw how he was suffering from the weight of his burden and how he needed his help and that's the kind of friend I want. The ones that stick through the hard times. Yeah some YA movie adaptions might have things like this but again self-centered. Ooops, sorry. I'm starting again. Yeah some YA books/movie adaptions have good themes-- but I see it pouring out in these. I don't know. These are classics and I think they have high standards. I make high standards after watching/reading these things.

Then how about Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli? They fought alongside men they didn't agree with. The odds were stacked against them but they still wanted to fight so at least they tried their best. yeah maybe they didn't do anything big and they don't have to because the whole story/trilogy is focused on fighting darkness and just pushing and pushing through. And these three can be really funny at times. And it didn't have to be bad humor. Just a short guy who couldn't see what was coming to kill him.
Image result for gimli get box gif
Then there's Merry and Pippin who are desperately trying to get the Ents to fight against the dark forces. They want to fight and well yeah they can but they are short adorable things who sing and dance on pub tables. Those two recognize a need and want to fight even if it means dying for it.

But one of my favorite parts (besides the battles and the ents and everything really) is at the end when Sam gives his speech to Frodo. He gives Frodo the strength to keep going. And it's beautiful.
It's a true friend and a true hero.

I don't know. This was just one giant ramble about LOTR and Les Mis. But if that makes any sense to anyone (besides me haha)-- it's the whole story thing. It doesn't have to be preachy, filled with garbage, or just..... man. I'm just wordless right now.
Camp has really drained me. Of words and everything. I'm sure we can all relate. Hopefully. Or I'm just really tired. (blame the books.)

I was going to include Rogue One in here because it fits soooooo well but May 4th is coming upon of and guys I have a Rogue One post ready to celebrate Star Wars day and ALL THE HYPE STAR WARS AHHHHHHH. I am really excited. I'm re-watching the movie May 4th and possibly dressing up as Bodhi Rook because I can. I am really excited as you can tell.

But this was a weird post. Not much closure here. No nice question at the end. I just wanted to talk about these stories a tiny bit. 

all the music // new things

hello all. I usually talk about books and writing and fangirl about Marvel things-- but today I'm here to talk about music.
[i feel like it would be really cool to play drums....]
Music is one of my favorite things to talk about forever and ever yes drop the mic. Actually, wait I'm going to talk a little more. I admire people who can play with amazing talent. I own two guitars, two different amps, and a ukulele. I can play. I love listening. I'm just obsessed (with the usual switchfoot, twenty one pilots, relient k, and some others). And I branch out with what I listen to. But these past few weeks I've been hoarding all the good things.

[yes i've used this in a past post. fight me.]
I want to share all these albums I've been listening to. I've been listening to loads and loads of new music (some I like. some just eh.) and wanted to make a giant list. It's just a wild mix of everything. A nice random list for you today.

i forgot where we were 

I could talk about so many good things. First of all his talent with the guitar is just..... watch this for that. And his voice and everything. (and one of my fav songs is Small Things) I just love this whole album and everything. All his music actually. Just go listen and come back so we can talk. 

 out of the wasteland  

I might be going to see Switchfoot this summer (again yes again I loveeeeeee Switchfoot). They are the opening band and I thought it would be good to pre-listen you know-- so if/when I do go I can sing along to all the things. They aren't my favorite thing in the world..... but it's good. 

little wind 

Let me just say folk. I love folk. (and then there's the punk rock side of me and it's strange). But it's very soothing and meaningful. 


Sit down a minute and let me tell you about this. Okay, first of all, Tyler Joseph is featured in like four of the songs and that in itself is a winning feature, right? And Josh Dun does some of the drum stuff. And it's really cool. Those are pretty good reasons to go check this thing out. (you can look at it all here cause you really need to) 

ghost of a king

More folky sounding stuff. Always good. It reminds me of fantasy.

rogue one soundtrack 

Hey hey hey. It isn't all John Williams (the stars wars music master) but it's really good and makes me want to cry at the end when you know what happens. And May fourth will bring forth (hahahaha I am so funny. not) a really big Rogue One post so stay tuned. 


All these songs are sci-fi sounding and man I love sci-fi. The cover is.... just look look look at it. Precious. It sounds like hardcore space battles and stars and space things. I don't know why I never heard of this before? 

stay alive

Not really an album..... just some music someone put to Tyler Joseph talking for like 40 seconds. But hey HOW WAS I GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH A POST ABOUT MUSIC WITHOUT TWENTY ONE PILOTS COMING UP LIKE 11 TIMES?! Anyways it's really cool and nice. Idk. I might be way too obsessed. (it's commentary that's the word I'm looking for but it's on Spotify so there)

Anyways that's just my list of new things I've been binge-listening to. If you have any recommendations for me throw them all. I like new music. Love it. (and if you are an avid stalker you can stalk my music here)
Anyways. Just my musical journey of snatching all the good stuff. (and I had no idea what to do for a post Tuesday then I forgot about it. So here. Randomness.) AND HOW IS CAMP GOING? 

#feels for you // einarr snippets

Heyo all. So. Camp Nano. We are two weeks in and...........
Anyways I'm just here-- your friendly writer kid-- with some snippets that are more or less sad and emotional and man. It's a super soldier story. Don't judge the whole story with these. I did go through quickly and edit some tiny things but ignore any mistakes. Or tell me. I honestly don't care. 

[actual footage of camp insane writing]

You may wonder 

"Hannah, what is Einarr about?" 

Wellllllll I'm glad you asked me. (no really, pretend you did) I have a post I did on it here but I'm going to throw the synopsis up here again because I really like it. Except for my awkward ending but yo. It's alright. 

The war between the Scandinavian countries has been the cause of shed blood for decades-- but it all suddenly ends with bombs dropped on quiet cities leaving the countries silent.
Halvard joined the war with hopes of being a hero, but instead of saving others, he becomes the victim of one of the bombs-- the poster child of the war-- and is brought to a hospital to be healed.
The people in the hospital intend to fix Halvard, but with their own methods of experiments and other horrid things that make him not able to breath when he looks in the mirror and see's the boy who left to fight and hasn't returned because he's a lab rat. A failed experiment.
Closets and little nooks provide safety from the world screaming in terror as Halvard tries to heal in a place where healing is nonexistent-- but death is. 
Then him, another soldier, and this girl escape to do rebellious things and (insert some wonderful synopsis ending here blurp)

I actually think it might need a sequel (but that isn't like there like yes for sure yet). But really it's all soldier stuff and war stab-ness and jeeps and mental illness things. It's really not all that depressing but I'm only 20k in and I haven't got to the good nice and somewhat happy parts yet. So this is what I got. Plus these parts are from the military and the hospital. Anyways-- I'm just ranting now and here are your snippets. 

[this is how it starts. this whole mess]

[my poor child] 

[he tries to get friends and hope but nope. not now. also, ooops wrong font] 

[aw no]

[hm. tried playing around with weird formatting in a few little parts. does it make sense?]

Anyways. I was going to do week updates but then it included subtracting word counts and doing this and that and this and that and guys. If you've known me for a bit you know I hate math and am very busy so. 
I'll just tell you I've got a little over 20k under my belt and that'll be it. And hey, snippets are fun too. 

[well goodbye for now kids]

(Sorry for the short post and I hope all your words are coming good. How is camp going guys?!?!?) 

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