plotting to editing

let's face it.
the process from plotting to editing in HARDDDDDD.
it's not editing a paper for school where you are done in an hour or less.
editing takes weeks, months, aghhhhhhhhh maybe years because you're on draft 172.
and plotting means coming up with something somewhat original, and creating characters, and lots of other things.
like it's hard ok?

warning: this is all my rant. it might make no sense. i'm doing this at 11pm haaaahahaha. not funny. 

plotting is one of the first steps to starting your book.
there needs to be somewhat of a plan. not everyone is a plotter. but THERE NEEDS TO BE SOME GOAL. like to character wants the achieve world domination with waffles #wafflehearts #waffleiron, or he wants hybrid a cinnamon bun and waffle. 
or something non-food related. 
you will hit the point where you are like 'what's happening. nothing is happening. where did all my sanity go?'

use pinterest*. make storyboards, character boards, and other things.
keep working at it and don't give up. it's hard work making people and places and new species of dragons.
it's draining. so do something fun that motivates you still.
for lethal flurries (a Russian art heist with a guy that has a partial memory wipe and car chases, needles, and lattes. the possibility of a war and a tonnnn of other things) i just had this guy who gets his some memories wiped. WOWWWWW. interesting book. not. my sarcasm makes me laugh becasue it's horrible. my charcters are better at sarcasm. 
so while i was at the library i saw an art book on frauds and it all clicked together Russia came from the fact that my friend who was there with me can do a WONDERFUL Russian accent. 
SO GO TO THE LIBRARY. BROWSE THE BOOKS. find things. do the things!!!
keep working at it. you won't make progress if you sit and cry.
and whenever you have an idea write it down. bring a notebook everywhere. you mind isn't strong enough to hold the 463 ideas you get a minute. ok maybe not thatttt many. 

*pinterest can be a big time waster. just saying. i have experience in the art of wasting time on pinterest.  

people will look at you like you're crazy when you figure something out and start flailing and acting like a maniac. see that guy in the green? well that was me in the library....... the other people were my friend* who thought i was going bonkers. 

you are writing a book, of course you'll be crazy excited when you figure out that one piece. 
writing a book is not easy. 
plotting 378 books is not easy ok i'm only plotting like 5 right now?!?!?
so celebrate when appropriate.
you deserve it. oh and ice cream, cake, and alllll deserts. 

*btw bring a friend to the library. i dropped half my stack of books in line and she helped me carry them. freinds are great book holders. 

writing is the part that is the love-hate relationship.

like all my blogging people.
the ones that listen to my crazy ideas about man-eating butterflies. the ones who plot world domination with me that includes glitter funerals and waffles.
you NEED people to help you.
camp nano is what has brought me closer to all my writing buddies. (and google hangouts with those crazy randomly popping up dino things) 
but a community is essential. the people you are close with will read your first drafts without cringing because they are writers and they know how you feel.

i used to ahem, sometimes i still do do the edit as you write thing.
just write and pour your heart out.
you can edit aka cry yourself to death later. just get alllll the words out. type until your fingers fall off. i actually don't recommend this. 
but stopping to make things perfect is not okay. first draft means the formatting stinks, the grammar is something a grammar nazi would tear apart and the whole thing is cringe worthy.

editing is do or die. 
editing is something you have to do. 
you can't write a 75k word novel then leave it sitting on the computer. IT HAS TO BE EDITED. 
but we dread it. 
we cry, scream, and maybe even throw papers.  

get it all out. 
throw things. act like a maniac. 
you can organize with post-it's, notecards, and highlighters. it won't help your emotional state but hey nothing will. well maybe food. and using a red pen makes it worse for me. i used a red pen for my first few pages and it makes me want to scream because some pages are totally red penned. and i am more organized with things, but due to a messy desk everything scattered. but red pens scare me. now i'm using black/blue. 

but no amount of head-desking and crying will help you. 
yeah, you can run away and take some breaks. 
if you push yourself too hard you might bawl your eyes out and eyes are really helpful when you're writing. 
so take breaks but don't stay away forever. you have to push through. it's hard tearing up something you put you heart and soul into. it's hard deleting whole paragraphs and rewriting cherished scenes. 
but do it for the story, for the future readers.  
but take breaks. de-stress with music or something. don't kill yourself. 

when you're done with at least the second draft or something you can send it out and have people read it. 
and watch them die inside because you took out ahem killed a lot of loveable people in harsh ways. 

when you have the final draft done it must feel amazing. i'm only on draft two for scarlet....... i cannot wait for the day i run screaming that i have done it. 
maybe dance too. 

so how do you guys feel about editing? plotting? this really was a bunch of rambles and gif's sorry. but is anyone editing, plotting, writing? i know a lot of this is common knowledge to most writers...... but i had fun being up till 11 with Jonathan telling me over hangouts to go to bed but whatever. and how's august been for everyone? i feel like it's been flyingggggggg. 

h a n n a h 



sirens fury :: mary weber 
red queen :: victoria aveyard 
butterfly palace :: colleen coble 

listening to-
roo panes

like literally 3 new books (plotting) the crazy idea's you get from one pic on pinterest. 
my brand new and very spontaneous new side blog acoustic explosions for music reviews+playlists. i'm super excited b/c i love music almost as much as i love books. or maybe they're equal. 

the library
daydreamer shirt
my new idea

looking forward to-
autumn cool weather=sweaters and all that
a time to rise & the priceless movie in october i am counting downnnnnnnnn

sorry for the short post (my current ramblings. been so busy with so
many things.)  But before you leave, 
 one of my very good friends has started a blog
she's an aspiring actress and amazing person, 
so go check it out @ this stage of life. hopefully i'll have 
some book reviews or something coming soon. 
what is current with y'all?

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night at b&n :: why barnes and noble would be the best place to hide if you decided the stay in a public building for the night

don’t deny it, we’ve all dreamed of being stuck in a bookstore for the night. 
stuck with books. 
*cue the rainbows and happy music* 
*cue the party* 
now for a couple reasons why it would be amazing (*small note below) to be locked in barnes and noble for a whole night. 

*(there are a few downsides and it would possibly include being banned from entering a b&n again, but you can always cosplay as Loki and make it through whatever security they place at the doors with your majestic sass. i also wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you are ready to 1) go to jail where you probably can’t buy as many books as you want or 2) pay a super large fine where it will make you broke. broke bookworm= no books= the bookworm dying because of lack of books.

no. 1 when people come through to clean and restock shelves before closing or whatever, you can build a book fort with books and shelves so they can’t find you. that will be the start of a night in the bookstore. after they leave you can play in the fort while reading or act like you’re protecting the castle. 
*screams*  “shut ye mouth ye peasant and lower the drawbridge.” 

no. 2 most (if not all) b&n have Starbucks inside which means coffee. you can survive the night on coffee + they might have cake pops and/or doughnuts.  *shrieks because cake pops* 
You can have as many meals as a hobbit but with coffee and sweets.

no. 3 without being judged or stared at, you can run down the aisles like a clumsy dragon, scream loudly when you see the new release of (insert amazing book), and possibly flail like crazy when there’s a perfect copy sitting on the shelf waiting for you to cry and scream over. 
and just plain out fangirl/boy while being surrounded by books.

no. 4 if it’s a two story b&n, you can ride up and down the escalator and be super crazy or go in the elevator and pretend you’re Thomas going in the glade. you can also rearrange all the shelves to make a maze and run the whole thing. (it might be a good idea to bring some book loving friends so you can have a griever and some other runners.)

no. 5  you can organize ALLLLLLLL the books in alphabetical order, by color, size, author, etc. 
the b&n people might forgive you for spending the night if it’s all organized…… or they could feed you to the dragon in the back parking lot. 

no. 6 you could probably read a couple books between just devouring them and listening to audiobooks while drinking frappuccinos and organizing. the downside to this is that you can’t bring them home. maybe start a mafia to get enough money to buy barnes and noble out? or threaten to release your army of ninja ants, man-eating butterfly’s, and flying spiders.

no. 7 you can try to make a world record book stack. i have recently become a master of book stacking due to lack of shelves. ahem……. it’s a giant stack on my desk threatening to crush me whenever i write. the size of an obese jupiter on steroids. that was a joke. we just moved and right now there's no available book shelf. 

no. 8 if you can figure out how to play music on the speaker things, you can play LOTR soundtrack and yell ‘For Frodo’ while running through the building with a sword.  always carry a sword in your bag and assume that you will have the opportunity to be Aragorn.


no. 9 you can control the elements by turning the air down super cold and pretend you have to survive the night alone in the freezing wilderness. orrrrr making it super hot and have some friends be cranks and chase your around the scorch and/or climb mount doom and drop the one ring into the fires. 

no. 10  if for some reason the apocalypse is upon you, lock the doors and throw the books you hate at oncoming threats such as people and animals. I wouldn’t recommend throwing books at falling bombs or angry cranks. 

what would you do in b&n for a whole night? 
would you bring friends or do it alone?

h a n n a h 


purposeful pages link up || august edition

Purposeful Pages Meme

*dances* *takes out a really big cake and conquers the world with it*
*blasts a confetti cannon that also had sprinkles*

It's our second purposeful pages link up!!! AHHHHHHH.
It went REALLY well last month (I think 16 people joined in) and I loved reading all their answers. I wasn't able to answer them this month, but we have some really good questions this month.

Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

Purposeful Pages is live on the first Saturday of every month for you to jump in whenever you want, until the next set of questions is up. Anyone can join at any time.

You can find more info + other things here.

no. 1 What book of the Bible has taught you the most this month?
no. 2 How would you react if you were in the positions of either Esther, if you’re a girl, or Daniel, if you’re a guy?
no. 3 If you could have a book character for a sibling, who would it be, and what makes you two alike?
no. 4 If you’re a novelist, answer: How would your main character most likely spend his or her Friday night? If you’re not a novelist, answer: How would you most likely spend your Friday night?
no. 5 What are the top three books you’re just dying to read?
no. 6 Can you briefly share the story behind your blog’s name?
no. 7 What do you consider to be your blog’s “branding,” or signature? What sets your blog or social media platform apart from others?
no. 8 Who are a few of your favorite bloggers?
no. 9 If you could go on a road trip of your dreams, where would you go and who would you spend time with?
no. 10 Using five words or less, tell a story.

I should have some more posts coming up this
month and try to be consistent in some way or another. 
I'll probably have some rant about my most recent 
gahhh I'm freaking out. Maybe a book review Storm Siren ruined my emotions 
and now I have to wait tops two days till book two comes in. *dies* 

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i'm going crazy, and it's all because of Realm Makers

major photo dump below and my rant.

(photo creds to whoever took the pics that aren't selfies that wasn't me) 

I can't even begin to explain how much fun and educational Realm Makers 2016 was. 

Meeting Alea Harper, Zac Tyson, Mikayla Jansen, Lillian and Brianna Merritt, Zachary Totah, Ashley Townsend, Tricia Mingerink, Nadine Brandes, Katie Grace, Jessi Roberts, and lots of others was definitely the best part (and the sessions, late nights, underground tunnels, costumes, etc). Oh, and getting my books signed by Nadine, Tosca Lee, Ashley, and Kathy Tyer's. (those books won't be lent to anyone ever. never) 

I remember first finding out about Realm Makers from A Writer's Faith with one of Katie's old posts. 
It really was worth every penny, and I'm soooooo glad I went. 
Yeah, we cried when we all parted (well at least the girls did), I was practically a sleeping zombie in the nerf gun war, and my notes are super sloppy because there was so much good info to put on paper. 
Zac, Alea, and I did walk around the bookstore four times in a row looking at the same books over and over again. We did run through the rain like crazy people and created the fellowship of the ring. I think most of us had pizza almost every meal (hey I'm not complaining) + got really hyper and gigglish after midnight about really random things. I did fangirl alot alot alot when I saw the authors that I love. We squeezed more chairs around the table than the table could normally hold because our group didn't want to split. We got to geek about things and used movie references in every other sentence sometimes. I pitched my first book there to three publishers, got to read some other peoples WIP's, and loved hearing all the crazy amazing ideas coming from them. I was inspired and motivated. We laughed about banana corpses that look like dolphins and may have freaked out And laughed when we thought the elevator wouldn't go up with all the weight from 10 or so people (+books)  in it.

(and next year I am soooo going to Reno, Nevada because 1: TED DEKKER IS GIVING THE KEYNOTE AND THAT IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER and I may have did a mini-flail and scream fest when I saw that 2: I already miss everyone so much. We are the fellowship and will not be broken. 3: The teaching is amazing, the people are amazing, pretty much everything is amazing and worth your weekend and money)  You can find the promo trailer HERE.

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