2016 // a list of things because i love lists

Like I went missing for over a month. I promise I wasn't partying. I wasn't abducted by aliens. I want avoiding you all.
I'm okay.
I've just been catching up.

It's been quite a year.
Some of us probably want to step, shoot, and forget all about it. But yo this has been an awesome year.
Yeah it was pretty bad in some places. But I think every year has its downfall.
To be honest it was one of the best for me. And the hardest.
For a ton of reasons.
I've grown a lot. As a child of God, a person, a writer.
I feel like this has been a year of me growing A LOT. Like finding out who I really am and who I want to be.

I mean, I wrote a book. My very first novel. It's a giant mess and I'm dreading edits but it's my baby. It's about music and blood. Sand and secrets. Bright eyes and soft touches. Gah.
Don't make me get feelsy about it all.

Idk. A lot of things happened. I cried. I got angry. Things didn't work out. Life felt like a hopeless mess at times. I also ran against walls trying to figure out life. But there were so many good things.
Like budding friendships with people I've never met. Friendships with those who I see multiple times a week. My family and making excessive amounts of cheesy jokes and bad puns with them.  Embarrassing photos and screaming about random things. Everything. It was really the best.
All those precious moments. Wrapped up in four numbers.
But anyways here's a small glimpse of what was awesome from these past 365 days.


There were so many good books this year.
I read 103.
and here are my favorites (not in any order)
  • Some of my favorites: Scythe, Unwind, A Time To Rise, Salt To the Sea, Circle series, Some Kind of Happiness, Storm Siren trilogy, A Series of Unfortunate Events.


These are all the things I binge listened to. Yes. All this music. Music has been a driving force in this past year. Motivating me. Moving me. Some songs connected with me in a special way. Really special. gah.
it just gives me the feels. Especially when Tyler Joseph screams in the songs.
feels. feels. feels. Don't make me cry.

But without music I'd probably shrivel up or something. But don't get me started cause I'll talk about song menaings and twenty one pilots for 83828 hours straight.
These are just a few favorites

Twenty One Pilots. Switchfoot. Relient K. Jon Foreman. For King and Country. Lauren Daigle. Oh Hellos. Colony House. Roo Panes. Mumford and Sons. All Sons and Daughters.


So like I said up there. 
I wrote my first novel. It was an awesome things. So much effort and love thrown into a screen. Thought out. 
Scarlet became a giant mess. It needs more editing than ever. It makes me smile. makes me heart hurt. idk. 
It's just that thing that pokes your heart. 
I also started my NaNo novel. I failed NaNo but you know there's always next year. I plan on completing The Second Misery this year. 
OKAY GUYS. This one is completely okay. It's cool. Really cool. Something I'm really excited about. Well   obviously nothing will happen to it but I'M TRYING TO WRITE A HAWKEYE MOVIE. It's all feels and heart gushing heart ripping things. His childhood is agh. I still need to read matt fractions hawkeye cause I've heard it's good? Idk. It'll take a lot of looking at things and figuring out the mcu, but ITS ALL WORTH IT. 

I don't want to throw away this year. I want to to be worth something.
I've got one shot at it.
I don't want to say later
or tomorrow. There's stuff to do. And it needs to get done. We don't know how long we have.
Make the moments count. Do something big. Make this your year.
Don't save that for 2018 or 2019. CONQUER THIS YEAR. You don't know if this is your last one.

Let's chat
WELL WELL WELL. This has been an awesome year. Amazing. How was your 2016? What are some favorite books? Moments? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? (If you did a post link me to it).



nano #2// i'm a lazy dragon so here are snippets

It's week three of NaNo. 

*nervously laughs*
*nervously checks word count*
*nervously flails cause i have like 5k to catch up on*

I FEAR FOR MY LIFE AND SANITY. School has taken a lot of my time. I guess I'm doing good considering the fact that I've only had maybe an hour or less each day to write. And the fact that I got stuck in some parts.
Okay, I'm not doing so well and to be honest I forgot to write down the amount for each day. And frankly, I'm too lazy to go back and do the math to calculate it all.
Yeah. I'm a really lazy dragon and now I'm just rambling.

word count as of now: 

(disclaimer: these are all unedited and JUST HORRID. ugh)

yessssss music. and cake. this part was like 75% happy 

lot's of run in's with monsters and the shadows 


So the next few days I'm pushing hard to get lot's of words in. It would be nice to get done before the very end.......... #nope. But I'm trying hard. The story is coming together well. I've added lots of things since I half plotted this book. I've grown to LOVE the characters. Some more than others. 

how is NaNo going?!?!?!?! Are you done? Behind? ARE YOU FLAILING IN THE WATER? Do you have secrets to share on how to buy more time cause I can't find any.......

week #1 NaNo// i wrote 7k in a day, word sprints yes, and chai tea


  • little sleep
  • stress
  • ugly first drafts 
  • lot's of typo's (i even spelt my own name wrong after a long word sprint ugh) 
  • and of course your fingers being on fire and YOUR STORY BLEEDING OUT ONTO PAPER. 
But here's a small recap of the first five days. 

day one// 7025
So. Abi was hosting the 5k1day and all (i would list them all but there were like 26 of us? and everyone did awesome) of us did so well it was LIKE AMAZING. 7k is the most I've done in a day. Later this month I'm hoping to maybe do a 10k day? I need more words. And all this happened cause:

  • more word wars than i can remember. the sprints on mywriteclub were amazing. I reached a new goal of 850 words in 20 minutes
  • motivation from fellow 5k people
  • oh yeah and chai tea it is seriously the best. i am loaded with boxes of tea bags. i have loved this stuff for a longgggg time. yes tea. 

actual conversation//

me: I'm gonna go sprint real quick
friend: okay let me get my shoes
friend: oh you mean writing

But this was really starting to feel my story out. After all these words, my original plot had so many good elements added on. It's awesome and I'm really loving it.

day two// 169
I got Unblemished in the mail that day. yes i stopped for a book it's amazing so far ahhhhhhh.
Also, busy around the house with things.
It was an okay kind of day. Eh.

day three// 1981
Another busy day BUT I did two word sprints (20 minutes each) and got my day's worth in. GUYS if you want to write fast and are a competitive person, do the sprints. They work.

day four// 2312 
more sprints.
sprints. As you can tell, I am a really competitive person.

dave five// 0
I went to a Switchfoot/Relient K concert  It was the most amazing thing ever and gahhhh. I took way to many photos+videos and knew the songs wayyyyy to well. But it was amazing and i didn't do any words that day. :p Yes, i'll be annoying and put some of the not so good photos below.

oh and pineapple pizza 

Now I'm going to go maybe get lot's of words in. Lot's=maybe 3000?
I'm trying to get ahead. 
but how has NaNo been treating you all? what's happening? what's your word count? 


purposeful pages// november edition

Amanda and I have been doing this since July. It has been really fun seeing y'alls replies and answers to the questions.
But we decided this wouldn't be best long term. So this will be the last edition of Purposeful pages. We tried to do a linkup. It was tons of fun. But in the summer it was a whole lot easier because there wasn't school and busy, busy life.
But THANK YOU for actually making this a thing we wanted to continue for the past few months.

What Exactly is Purposeful Pages? 
Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books. 

How Can I Participate?
Link back to Hannah and Amanda’s blogs at the beginning of your post, and insert the Purposeful Pages header image (meme).
Copy and paste the description of Purposeful Pages above, under “What Exactly is Purposeful Pages?”
Answer the questions; if you don’t feel comfortable answering a question or it doesn’t apply to you, feel free to go on to the next one instead.
Comment on one of the girls’ blogs with the link to your post so they can check it out.
Why Do We Call it Purposeful Pages?
We call it Purposeful Pages because we believe that life should be purposeful in every way. In what we read, what we write, and how we live, we believe that purpose is important. Additionally, every blogger is a writer in their own way, and blogging is a way to share “pages” of our lives with others.

Question One // Is there an organization, website, or collaborative blog that you encourages you?

Question Two // When do you feel the most empowered to live life to the fullest?

Question Three // Who is an author that has impacted you deeply?

Question Four // Love. What Bible verse has shown you the depths of God’s love recently?

Question Five // What words do you love the sound of?

Question Six // When do you feel most alive?

Question Seven // How has blogging impacted you?

Question Eight // What do you wish you could tell your five-years-younger self?

Question Nine // When you think of joy, what comes to mind?

Question Ten // What kind of legacy would you love to leave?

tuesday I might have a NaNo week one wrap 
up for you guys.   maybe.  NaNo has been stabbing me. 

the silent songbird// a mute girl

Evangeline is gifted with a heavenly voice, but she is trapped in a sinister betrothal until she embarks on a daring escape and meets brave Westley le Wyse. Can he help her discover the freedom to sing again?
Desperate to flee a political marriage to her cousin King Richard II’s closest advisor, Lord Shiveley—a man twice her age with shadowy motives—Evangeline runs away and joins a small band of servants journeying back to Glynval, their home village.
Pretending to be mute, she gets to know Westley le Wyse, their handsome young leader, who is intrigued by the beautiful servant girl. But when the truth comes out, it may shatter any hope that love could grow between them.
More than Evangeline’s future is at stake as she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue that threatens England’s monarchy.Should she give herself up to protect the only person who cares about her? If she does, who will save the king from a plot to steal his throne?

  • It was a captivating story. Evangeline was a good character though I would have to say that Westley was my favorite one. 
  • There was quite a bit of action and suspicion on who was hurting Westley and almost drowned him. 
  • Evangeline being mute was really cool. I still felt like I could connect with her character even though the only person she whispered to was Muriel. 

  • I felt like this one wasn't her best. It moved really fast in the beginning and I felt like Westley and Eva never had that spark connection. You know like that moment when you're like I SHIP THESE TWO SO HARD. I shipped it but not enough. 
  • I felt like she got her a way a little to much and easily. SPOILER STARTS Like in the end when they are going after something and Evangeline is told to stay but ends up going with them. LIKE YOU COULD HAVE LOCKED HER AWAY. And of course she ends up saving the day with her long bow skills she apparently learned within hours? SPOILER ENDS 
  • The forced marriage stories all go the same way? A girl has to marry some rich old guy and she refuses. Of course the only options are to 1) Run awayyyyyyyyy and find some adorable lower class man to fall in love with 2) DIE. This story of course goes with the first option. 

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review. 

full full full// i am halfway done plotting my book + NaNoWriMo!!!!!!!!! + me excited about books as always

what's that confused bundle in the corner wondering WHERE THE YEAR HAS GONE ACK? Oh wait that's me.....
it's already November. 
and that's kind of scary.
especially since NaNo is a couple days away (and guess who isn't done plotting) + the year is endingggggggg.

  • i started the series up unfortunate events Which I AM NOW SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE NETFLIX SHOW FOR IT COMING IN JANUARY!!!!!!!!
  •  currently (ha currently i'm such a procrastinator) plotting my NaNo book that you can read about here 
  • and lots of other hannah things 
  • now i'm being weird 

read: 8 books (Jane Eyre, The Last Thing I Remeber, The Long Way Home, The Truth of The Matter, The Final Hour, The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window)

and I'm getting closer to my goal of 100 books!

BUT I GOT MY A TIME TO RISE SWAG AHHHHHHH. all my stuff looks so pretty together. just so beautiful. btw go get all those books because they are amazing. JUST DO NOW AND ORDER THEMMMMMMM. 

  • I'm drafting Scarlet.  Well at least trying to. It's a mess and so am I. I also should be writing the sequel during NaNo, but ha I can sit and wait to do that for a while. But the small bit I have drafted and re written is JUST AMAZING IT'S COMING OUT SO WELL. After I'm done I might be asking for beta readers? Maybe. Don't hold me to it. 
  • I'm also going to be plotting like 3 other books after NaNo. ack. I have way too many ideas and not enough time. Pinterest is at fault for this. I find good photos and BAM I have like 3 new ideas + a dragon flying around my room. Okay, there aren't really dragons, but I wish. 
  • I have about 13 books on hold at the library. Taking advantage of them. *evil laugh* 
  • BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ACK. I have like 700 tbr on Goodreads. WHYYYYYYY. 
  • Pinterest needs a shut-off button so during NaNo I don't end up failing because I'm pinning things for other books. 
  • I'm planning survival tactics for NaNoWriMo cause HOW WILL I SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE?!?!?! Okay: chai tea, chocolate, food in general, soundtracks, etc. 
  • I'm hoping to do some weekly NaNo updates? (yessssss all these things are about writing my book ack help me I might be freaking out) 


let's talk about y'all. how has your month been? are you doing NaNo? What books have you been loving?!?!?!?! Hm? Let's just talk about alllllll the things. 

nanowrimo is the best and worst thing ever // feat. me stressing, and a bit about my novel 'the second misery'

We all know cause it’s stressing everyone out. or maybe just me
But still, NaNoWriMo is approaching too quickly for comfort*. 
Writing 50k words in like thirty days sounds like fun. 
and at the same time like suicide. 

I was debating whether or not to do a post cause everyone seems to be doing one but, I WANT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY BOOK. It's a fantasy about twin sisters and blood and fighting. and stabby things in Russia. 
I usually dabble in the sci-fi area but I'm trying out fantasy cause it just looks like so much fun + this idea hit me like woah. 

I've stolen** a few questions from the beautiful books link up hosted by paper fury and further up and further in to tell y'all a bit about my novel. 

*i could really use another week. two, three? aghhhhhhh
**yes i am a thief. 

The Secret garden was the main inspiration. I saw it on the shelf at the library and a bunch of things* popped into my mind.
Before (actually a few weeks ago), it was going to be a retelling of the Secret Garden + Peter Pan, but it has turned out to be inspired by the garden aspect of the Secret Garden and a few other things.
Pinterest helped a lot with the idea.
But it was mostly my crazy mind...... half the time I'm scared of myself because of all the weird ideas.

*those bunch of things included stabbing, creepy gardens, sisters, and war 

It really is a mess right now. I’m currently plotting. Yay!!!!!!!!! Actually not yay. I have LIKE TWO WEEKS HELP ME I’M GOING NUTS GAHHHHHHHHHHHH
I wish I had an official blurb ready for the public…… but that is a mess as well. So I’ll do the next best thing, a list!!!!!! 

  • YA fantasy ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and it's in Russia 
  • Twin sisters. This kingdom has a tradition to remove twins at the exact same time at the expense of the mother's life. 
  • So when they turn 19, ha guess who get’s the throne? Well, nobody till blood is split cause due to the exact timing of birth, they have to fight to be queen.
  • So the sisters are all out ready for this month long misery inflicting battle in the creepy garden where one will come out at the top and be queen. 
  • There’s sass
  • Maybe pirates and dragons? But definitely ravens+weird long lost kings+tea time+war war war+talking trees.
  • One of the illusionists in the group accidentally mind controls a fox who steals all their food #sad 
  • After blood shed and stabby things, there’s love, redemption, and 99% chance of feels. Because things kind of work out. Tbh I actually don’t know how it’s ending yet.  *Evil laugh* 
  • There’ll also be desserts, weird costume parties, and foxes 

black rain, dark green tree's, scratches on pale flesh, gold embellishments on everything, dark fog, lonely souls, love-starved kids, shadows that snatch, stone hearts, fur coats, blood.

Well, the readers will have feels.
But on the serious side, it's a story of how family bonds can't really be broken, and if they are there's  always love in your heart for those who share your blood. It's true love.
Not true love with a prince or soldier, but sisters*
and extracting darkness from your heart and being filled with light.
A lot of tiny messages and themes really. And I'm still plotting so it's not all put together yet.

*don't you dare associate this with frozen......frozen has nothinggggg to do with this. 

are you doing nano? what's your novel about?!?!?! are you stressed out about doing 50k words?!?!?

h a n n a h


things people say when you mention that you're a writer

You can get a lot of reactions when you tell people you're a writer.
Either they get it or they don't.
But they aren't writers themselves so we shouldn't expect them to understand our flails and sobs. Hm?

We writers actually have a life. We create people from thin air and build worlds. We in fact do other things beside's write and such. Sometimes we will blog, read, cry over drafts, and interact (actually scream at) with writer friends about our problems. We are COMPLETELY SANE.

Okay. Okay.
I'm still trying to figure out a messed plot so I have no plans for being the most popular ever for now**. :p

*who wouldn't stress over a big mess of letters that make sense to only youuuuuuuuu
**of course world domination will come later right? 
Maybe...? Can you do backflips and slay your enemies? Can you eat excessive amounts of food in a contest for no reason?
If you can maybe, but for now let me create people that I built on slowly and with beauty.  Plus you might not like the way I portray you. Just sayin'.

*actually none of my characters do this......             
If you let me, I'd devour the whole bookstore* and still ask for more. I am forever hungry for books and other people crave more as well. 

*i crave bookssssssssss

My head?
No really. 
People talking, people doing things, their faces, songs, other books, pinterest, and soooooo many other places. 
and it's exciting when we get amazing idea's so if you think I'm crazy, I don't care. We don't care. 
IT'S A PARTY IN OUR MINDS 98% OF THE TIME. It's not like I'm a dry well of useless thoughts. (and sorry not sorry. had to use the twenty one pilots gif) 

what do people say when you mention you're writer lifestyle? is it sometimes funny? do you wish people would understand your ways? Talk to meeeeeeeeeee.

h a n n a h

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