a brief introduction

Hey there, I'm Hannah and I could give you some short version of my life and interests but honestly, it would mostly be bad puns and weirdness. And I'm really bad at writing about myself so here are the basics.

I am a Jesus follower who aims to spread some light in this messy world. Twenty One Pilots are the best thing ever to exist. (and I listen to/love music more than I should) 
I write words that are messy and full of characters who need serious help. Mostly books but I try my hand at screenplays and other things. 
I'm a hopeless geek-- don't get Star Wars, LOTR, or Marvel near me without sacrificing some of your preciousssss time. (SUE ME! I do a lot of puns.) 
I read way too much. (Shusterman is the best) 
I'm an intj for all you myer briggs people. Yeah... the introvert at the party. I'm always ready to fight people on subjects I care about. I share my opinions and talk about creative things here. 

So there are a few words. I think that's the basic and brief intro. If you want to find out more, just poke around the blog. 

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