my favorite space story that made me cry // happy star wars day

Heyo. All you Star Wars fans out there come gather 'round. All the people who geek over space and stuff come. I'm here to talk about one of my favorite movies. (This is spoiler city by the way. Leave if you haven't seen this movie) AND BY THE WAY HAPPY STAR WAYS DAY.

Yes yes yes.
Rogue One released in theaters in December. It came out on dvd a little over a month ago.
What am I doing here talking about it? (well it is Star Wars day May the forth (force) be with you and all)

I want to talk about one of my favorite stories.

I love Star Wars. Have I mentioned that already? Yes. I can say it again. Much love. I knew there was another movie coming out the year after to Force Awakens. I had no clue what it was about or when it took place but it was Star Wars yes. I wasn't going to miss out on it. If there's Stars Wars YAS I WILL BE THERE AS A LOYAL FAN.

I had watched the trailer a couple times (already loving the characters). I knew the basic plot: need plans, a team gets together and they go in and bam: planet saved and darkness defeated.
I had heard people had cried.... *ahem* bawled. So I expected some sad part(s).

I have never truely cried in a movie. Like I've teared up in emotional funeral scenes, people dying, and such. But that's tearing up.

Rogue One was a totally different story.

I wanted to lay on the floor and bawl. The last twenty minutes or so broke me. I couldn't even applaud at the end because
I had a new favorite movie and it had shocked me and stabbed me emotionally. It hurt in a good way.

I want to say Rogue One was a good movie. It really was.

But that is an understatement. 

Rogue One was the most fantastic, darn good story, and make you cry forever type of story that I had seen for a while. I was near sobbing and gosh. Heartbreaking. (also my brother was laughing at me as I sobbed over that beach scene. he obviously was not stabbed in the feels like I was.)

It wasn't about this heroine who goes, kicks butt, and gets the guy happily ever after. Jyn and Cassian died on a beach together and gosh that's a whole lot more powerful to me than some stupid love triangle angst and 'oh does he like me'. I cried. It hurt me. And that was fine. Stories are supposed the hurt sometimes. They don't have to be all triangles and end of the world anger with a side of selfish characters. (ohhhh yes the YA rant again.)

It didn't involve family drama and Skywalker issues. It wasn't about a smuggler or a princess. It wasn't all Darth Vader (though he did make an appearance and puns yes). Don't get me wrong-- I am Star Wars trash (like go down the garbage chute trash..... never mind) and LOVE the old movies with all that. I love love love love love all the movies. So much.
But that isn't what I needed right now.

This was the kind of story I wish I would have written. People hanging onto their last bit of hope, grit, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It's the type of story I want to write as a creative person. Man. It just has so much good and it just stabbed me. I've said it stabbed me like 39200 times. And it's true.
 It was about ordinary people stepping up to the plate they were never asked to fill and doing what needed to be done. It was about people who weren't anything more than a mismatched group that was put together by our favorite kid. Cassian. It was a story about people laying down their lives for a larger cause. They all knew it could fail. They all knew that they all would most likely die in the fight. But it was worth it. It was worth being shot and shot and shot and dying on Scarif. I could talk about it forever.


This was a Star Wars story. A filler film. Something to keep the rabid fans happy while they were finishing up the story with the lightsabers and sith lords. Rogue One wasn't going to be about characters with this montage backstory and bam they can go save the world with a glowing sword and get the hot guy later. Real people doing the right thing for the right reasons.
It was a story with good themes and morals and all around just goodness. It got gritty and unpleasant. These people did what was right because (hello I'm captain obvious) IT WAS RIGHT.
I loved it for all these reasons. We need more stories like this. The stories that aren't all sunshine and yay let's live happily ever after. Rogue One was a slap in the face with reality. Things don't always end well. Sometimes you've got to sacrifice everything you have and save the dream.

“What do you know? We don't all have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something. Suddenly the Rebellion is real for you? Now that you've got a stake in it, and - and - now that you don't have another life to go back to? Some of us live this Rebellion. I've been in this fight since I was six years old. You're not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.” ― Alexander FreedRogue One: A Star Wars Story

I could talk for a whole lot longer. Lol wait. Let's just talk about the characters for like two minutes. I promise this rant is almost over.

Jyn Erso. Star dust. She didn't need to be the girl every guy fought over and who had that knack for winning everything. She was vulnerable and courageous. She saw what needed to be done and did it. It didn't matter what it cost.
Cassian Andor. Cassian oh yes. He was the ordinary guy. He was the kid who did the stuff quietly with bravery and made a difference. He didn't have to be in the spotlight or have all this unwanted angst. He was Cassian and that was perfect.
Chirrut. This blind guy was the daredevil of the galaxies. He was blind and made jokes about it. He clung to the force and never let go even when he faced death, danger, and hardships. (a good life lesson for us as Christians just switch out the force.)
Baze. He stood by Chirrut and essentially died trying to get over to him. He deserves credit for this. Dying wth his friend. Standing by even when he knew he was gong to suffer for it.
K-2SO. Salty and sassy. He always had that percentage and prediction. He just made the whole movie better.

And last. Bodhi Rook. The imperial cargo pilot. He had anxiety. He was nervous and shaky. The fate of the Resistance was left in his hands when he had to connect that cord. It was hard. He fought through so many things and gosh. He's my hero. (I also think that they need a Bodhi Funko pop but that's a whole other talk. Seriously.)
[i can't breath now. his death killed me.]

(and if the movie would have ended any differently than how it did...... it honestly wouldn't have been as good.  beauty came from that. it came from the blood spilt on the sand as the green wave cloud came towards Jyn and Cassian. It came from Bodhi dying in his ship. It came from K-2SO helping get the plans. It came from Chirrut and Baze sacrificing to push the enemy back.)

Though John Williams didn't do the music it was still really good. The minute I watched the trailer for the first time, I instantly knew THAT IT WASNT JOHN WILLIAMS. (I am very picky and observant of these things) I was a little upset at first but guys the music it hurt me. In a good way.
Go listen to the soundtrack to celebrate this day. 


That's that.

The amazing story.

I leave you to just rant about Star Wars in the comments because that is obviously the cool thing to do. (And I'm re watching Rogue One tonight...... I hope I return alive)


May the Force (fourth) be with you all!
(oh and a bonus thing. if you want to cry follow this link. don't sue me.) 


  1. So good. I completely agree with you. This was the greatest movie they could have done and I've seen it four times already. I would do a post on it but I think you've said it all. :)

    1. THANK YOUUU :')
      It is the greatest ahhhhhhh. (ah I only saw it once and in a few hours watching it again and I'm trying to prepare myself)

  2. Yesss. <3

    But you shouldn't have posted that link. Owww. *cries*

      okay yes, but I did warn you.

  3. STAR WARS IS THE LITERAL BEST. I freaked when I saw the trailer for The Last Jedi! <3

    Rogue One was amazing. I know lots of people criticize it for not being a Star Wars movie enough (like the vibe isn't there somehow?!) and my answer is MAYBE BUT WHO CARES because it's such an honest story with an excellent cast of characters and Rogue One is beautiful in every way.

    Have you watched Star Wars' Caravan of Courage? It was my very first Star Wars movie!

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. STAR WARS IS THE BEST THING OF EVER (next to marvel and lotr and others things)

      YES YES YES. It doesn't have the vibe /but/ it is still amazing with aesthetics and gah so emotional.

      NO I HAVE NOT. I'll look it up.

  4. I should probably watch Star Wars, shouldn't I??? *covers face from angry Hannah*

    May @ Forever and Everly

  5. Hello there! It's Frank, stopped by to read this from your DA comment. I agree with most everything you say, but I harbor a grudge with Cassien after finding out what being in the fight since he was six really meant.

    1. HEY. haha good. XD I got approval from the Start Wars master. (It was one of the only quotes I could find from the book online)

    2. LOL The quote I don't mind, but when he was six, it was still the Clone Wars and his father died in a not so peaceful protest against clones just patrolling the area for droids. Cassien spent his life sabotaging clone troopers, which I take the clones' side on everything. lol


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