i'm tired of YA (and how it's glorifying bad behavior)

Here's a random vlog for y'all. (it's a sort of continuation of this post here)
If you saw it up a couple days ago on youtube that's because I'm really busy this weekend and never looked to see if I could schedule videos.....

But it's a random rant. I say 'uh' a lot and start talking about Unwind + Twenty One Pilots. I complain most of the time. I just wanted to talk about this and thought a video would be cool.

But it's fun. And I apologize for me being awkward on camera and being scattered-- I've been really busy and filmed this in between various things.

(If I do more videos this summer, I promise they'll be better.)

(and when I say I like complaining, I DON'T LIKE BEING A SCROOGE, but I like to say what I'm thinking and get it out. Opinions guys. I need to get my opinions out.) 

Tell me-- DO YOU SEE THE SAME ISSUES? I guess I could be a little picky. But what issues do you see? Do you want to write things that have a purpose instead of sensational fluff?  Not just 'oh a good message' but something that isn't empty. Lyrics that mean nothing
We were gifted with thought -- this applies to writing and yes, another tøp related thing. Talk to me.


  1. Wow, this is truth, girl! Love the vlog!

  2. Adult YA author: "Hm what do teens like? I KNOW I'LL GIVE THEM A LOVE TRIANGLE THEY'LL ALL LOVE THAT. And what else do teens do? Hook up with a few different people? Whine? A party, maybe? How about if they get drunk, maybe try a few drugs?? Teens will def. engage with that!!"

    sorry. *rant mode disengaged*

    I think books for YA have a heavier responsibility than books for adults? I mean, you're shaping young minds that are just starting to look around and see the world! And if authors (and TV and all that) present teens continuously with glorified bad behaviour, pretend that's what the world is like and you should be too - then /that's the life they'll think they should lead/. We don't need junk. We need books showing life, the pain and yeah maybe the darkness? but with HOPE. We need to know there's light in the dark because yes the world's dark, but Jesus is hope and light and we should share His light and light up the world.

    *slaps the off switch for rant mode* *apparently it stopped working?*

    As always, hearing your opinion and rantiness and all that stuff is awesome. ;)

    Jem Jones


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