hey guys i've been busy // creative endeavors #1

I guess I've been a little absent. (and this is a numbered post so if I want to do more creative endeavor things I can-- so there.)

I've been busy with a whole lot of things-- books, and school and catching up and moving ahead. A lot of good things going on this summer that require a whole ton of work on top of some school and projects.
I have ideas for blog posts but I can't seem to get them out and when I want to, something pops up and bam. There's no time and I'm left with another week going by. So I'm going to be a little absent this month.

[i'm sorry, i had to]
But you know camp nano and school has really killed your brain when you put a 0 where the o should be. You know. A lot of good things going on and I'm just really tired. (it didn't help that I got the stomach flu over the weekend and am still suffering from a bad cold ouch.)

Anyways-- this is just a random smoothie of things that I've been working on and things that have been inspiring me.

I've been listening to a whole ton of music. For days. Lot's of it. New bands like Typhoon (please go listen to them).
New releases from old favorites (Imagine Dragons, Paramore) and the things I keep on repeat.  I could go on about all those or-- you could go stalk my music.  That's the easier thing. It's all really inspiring and actually I'll share one with y'all.

This one is just fun and folky. It's an epic video that eventually ends up in space. Pretty cool. It's something that has really gone with my new secret project (more on that at the end). So I want to share the parallels and everything but-- I'll wait till you get all the details. (and honestly, I like keeping people in suspense.) These guys are like banjo/rock/folk space kids who have some really good stuff. Go check em out.

The Sand Song. This isn't something inspiring me since it is my own thing. I can do what I want. 
As is turns out for me-- I have to rewrite this beast. It's not really a beast... a mere 75k words and a whole lot of plot holes. Okay story time: I wrote this in about 3 months as my very first novel. When I was writing it I didn't plot. At all. All I had was this idea for a song, a girl, and some desert dystopia. As I wrote I skipped around like from chapter one to chapter seventeen to chapter three and so on. That's why it sucks now. Maybe other people can write scattered like that... but personally it drowns the plot and such. But I am really excited about it now.
Right now I'm piecing the plot back together. I'm starting on some of it throughout June and really going hardcore for July camp (for like the two weeks l will be able to participate due to traveling and mission trips). It has got a big renovation that is worthy of yelling 'MOVE THAT BUS.' (please tell me I'm not the only one who knows what that is from.) It has cool cars, a desert, monsters, and music. Pretty epic.

(and hopefully after this-- beta readers for the end of the year. I knowwwww I keep saying this and keep moving it)

Anyways here are some things I threw together:


For Nadine's #walk30days I've been taking some sporadic walks whenever I can fit one in. It really stimulates creativity and there are some pretty places to discover. I wish I could go more. I've done maybe three days? But it's fun and nice to go outside after a whole day immersed in education and writing.

Oh. And I might be seeing Switchfoot in concert this summer and it makes me so happy and gosh IT'S MOTIVATION FOR THE BAD DAYS. Just thinking about seeing them in concert againnnnnn. Also listening to a ton of Switchfoot. All the songs and just soaking in the sounds. This wasn't really a creative endeavors-- but I'm really excited. (Really really excited.)

That secret project that I've hinted at once is in the works. I promise I'll have something more to say about it soon. Like in June for sure. I just have some details to put together before........ but soon. But I'll give y'all the playlist and Pinterest board. Be happy with that.

I watched Rogue One for Star Wars day and it killed me + inspired me to go write more things and scribble out the stories. If you need inspiration go watch Rogue One. The music. The story. It is all amazing. (and I got sick like two hours after watching it and I wonder if it was a coincidence...... or not.)

Well this was a short update. I'm hoping to have one or two things this coming week if I can find the time. But I'm happy that summer is coming. (though I still have school to do. But there are cool things happening and bro I've got some creative things coming your way soon.)


  1. Yes. Rogue One. It is the wonder and there will never be enough of it. *has watched it four times so far* #NoRegrets
    Your book sounds cool. Yeah, I decided to try the whole non linear writing thing... but did it work? Of course not! Sometimes that project makes me wonder why I even try. XD
    You are so lucky. I want to see Switchfoot! I love Switchfoot!

  2. Ohhhhh yes, I'm loving the playlist! Your book sounds so neat! Great post, Hannah!

  3. (*waves* I think this is my first time on your blog. I love it! (weird sci-fi is awesome xD)

    AAAAHHH. YOUR PLAYLIST. It's AWESOME. I have such a hard time creating them myself, so I always love to enjoy other peoples' ;)

    Rogue One. Yesss. I loved it way more than the Force Awakens... besides the fact that the epic characters died in the end XP

    audrey caylin

  4. MOVE THAT BUS!!! ((Yesss. Amazing.))
    You can rewrite The Sand Song, Hannah, you got this! God's always with us- even when our characters have their own ideas on things. :P
    God bless!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

  5. YES YOU GO WITH THAT REWRITE. *confetti* I love that you and I are both rewriting at the same time lol

  6. I am in awe of your playlist-ing skills because I CANNOT COMPILE A PLAYLIST TO SAVE MY LIFE. Unless it's my favorite songs or something. XD Also THE AESHTETICS on your Pinterest board. <3 I hope your rewrites go well!

    (Also, while I'm not that much of a TOP fan, that "stressed out" gif is JUST GREAT.)

    May • Forever and Everly

  7. MOVE THAT BUS! yup yup. :)

    Fun post! It got me thinking about the creative endeavors that I want to pursue this summer (bc IT'S FINALLY SUMMER CAN I GET AN AMEN)


  8. Rogue One is very good (even if it does possibly induce sickness). Also Judah and the Lion is amazing! I love their music.
    Sounds like you have a lot of exciting projects to work on, so we'll forgive your absence. Can't wait to hear more about your mysterious secret project.

  9. The Stressed Out gifs. <3

    Rogue One YES. I'm sorry it made you sick. ;)


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