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hello all. I usually talk about books and writing and fangirl about Marvel things-- but today I'm here to talk about music.
[i feel like it would be really cool to play drums....]
Music is one of my favorite things to talk about forever and ever yes drop the mic. Actually, wait I'm going to talk a little more. I admire people who can play with amazing talent. I own two guitars, two different amps, and a ukulele. I can play. I love listening. I'm just obsessed (with the usual switchfoot, twenty one pilots, relient k, and some others). And I branch out with what I listen to. But these past few weeks I've been hoarding all the good things.

[yes i've used this in a past post. fight me.]
I want to share all these albums I've been listening to. I've been listening to loads and loads of new music (some I like. some just eh.) and wanted to make a giant list. It's just a wild mix of everything. A nice random list for you today.

i forgot where we were 

I could talk about so many good things. First of all his talent with the guitar is just..... watch this for that. And his voice and everything. (and one of my fav songs is Small Things) I just love this whole album and everything. All his music actually. Just go listen and come back so we can talk. 

 out of the wasteland  

I might be going to see Switchfoot this summer (again yes again I loveeeeeee Switchfoot). They are the opening band and I thought it would be good to pre-listen you know-- so if/when I do go I can sing along to all the things. They aren't my favorite thing in the world..... but it's good. 

little wind 

Let me just say folk. I love folk. (and then there's the punk rock side of me and it's strange). But it's very soothing and meaningful. 


Sit down a minute and let me tell you about this. Okay, first of all, Tyler Joseph is featured in like four of the songs and that in itself is a winning feature, right? And Josh Dun does some of the drum stuff. And it's really cool. Those are pretty good reasons to go check this thing out. (you can look at it all here cause you really need to) 

ghost of a king

More folky sounding stuff. Always good. It reminds me of fantasy.

rogue one soundtrack 

Hey hey hey. It isn't all John Williams (the stars wars music master) but it's really good and makes me want to cry at the end when you know what happens. And May fourth will bring forth (hahahaha I am so funny. not) a really big Rogue One post so stay tuned. 


All these songs are sci-fi sounding and man I love sci-fi. The cover is.... just look look look at it. Precious. It sounds like hardcore space battles and stars and space things. I don't know why I never heard of this before? 

stay alive

Not really an album..... just some music someone put to Tyler Joseph talking for like 40 seconds. But hey HOW WAS I GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH A POST ABOUT MUSIC WITHOUT TWENTY ONE PILOTS COMING UP LIKE 11 TIMES?! Anyways it's really cool and nice. Idk. I might be way too obsessed. (it's commentary that's the word I'm looking for but it's on Spotify so there)

Anyways that's just my list of new things I've been binge-listening to. If you have any recommendations for me throw them all. I like new music. Love it. (and if you are an avid stalker you can stalk my music here)
Anyways. Just my musical journey of snatching all the good stuff. (and I had no idea what to do for a post Tuesday then I forgot about it. So here. Randomness.) AND HOW IS CAMP GOING? 


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  2. Are we the same person? because all of these things (Especially Relient K, Twenty One Pilots, and Switchfoot) Are my favorite things😂

    1. YES WE MUST BE TWINS. Like I want a concert with all of them in one place and man that would just be amazing.

  3. I had never heard of any of these... But Ghost of a King is my new favourite thing! :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. STARSET. AHHH. Yes, I enjoy Starset. :P


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