march // there's a million things i haven't done

So we have it through the third month of 2017. *applause for you all*

So it's going to be April tomorrow which means no sanity for the whole month due to camp and realizing summer is coming... and school is starting to wind down a tiny bit for some people. I am not some people.
But it was a good month. A productive month in some areas. In others I was lying on the ground thinking about my super soldier novel for camp and just sitting.
[camp is here. this is how i feel]

Ah. Just school really. 

And me trying to find a good balance between school and writing and editing and blogging and tea and actually being productive and being dead weight on the ground like a very unproductive potato. 

I've been trying to sleep more...... but books guys. They keep me up past my targeted sleep time of 11:30 like every night. 

I was planning summer things and it left me in a sad ball of sadness. Why you ask? Wellllll. I wanted to go to Realm Makers this year. I thought I would be able to and I was all ready to register when *plays ominous music* I FOUND OUT THE PLANE TICKET WOULD BE A FLIPPING $600. #nope. 
That was really sad. Really really sad......... I'll miss my internet peeps. 
This means no internet buddies this summer unless I'm traveling and happen to pass by in my life adventures. 

Anyways to leave my sad life snippet.

(it's been really pretty outside and i plan on using my writers mug everyday for nano)

Haha. I. Tried. So. Hard. 

Really I did. I ran out of ideas for like a week then after that I was busy then after that I actually don't know what happened. Honestly. Hopefully I'll have weekly updates for camp but we will see. (maybe a video at the end with random clips from the month of me being stressed)

I talked a little bit about my Camp Nano novel. YAY. It starts tonight guys. I am so pumped-- and unprepared.

I wrote a list about my recent life adventures because I haven't in a while plus it didn't require much thinking for my fried brain

HELLO I DID MY Q&A VIDEO. It was fun. I played some uke and talked about Marvel (and had a friend stop in yay)

I asked for questions for my video. Not that interesting for you now-- but I got lots of good ones. (two pages worth)

Don't judge my reading habits. Seriously. 
Reading is the #1 reason why I am tired 75% of the time.(and this formatted weird but whatever)

  • The Promise of Jesse Woods by Chris Fabry
  • Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse
  • The Leaving by Tara Altebrando
  • Prophet by Frank E. Peretti
  • The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • Notes to Screenwriters by Vicki  Peterson
  • The Waiting by Cathy LaGrow
  • Dangerous Love by Ray Norman

  • Frostblood by Elly Blake

  • Hawkeye, Volume 1 by Matt Fraction
  • Daredevil, Volume 1 by Mark Waid
  • Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
  • Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2 by G. Willow Wilson
  • Black Widow by Margaret Stohl
  • The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof
  • Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  • Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 by G. Willow Wilson
  • Fairest by Marissa Meyer
  • Hawkeye, Volume 5 by Jeff Lemire
  • Rogue One by Alexander Freed
  • Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Reading is also one of the reasons why I haven't written or edited really at all this month. 
The logical answer is 'HANNAH QUIT READING FOR A MONTH (and since goodreads says you are like 22 books ahead of schedule this would be totally okay.)' 
Yeah sure. I will quit for a month. I won't step foot in the library and will cancel those 10 holds. Can you hear the sarcasm in my letters? Okay but I am seriously taking a reading break during NaNo for the sake of my novel. And my brain. 

Anyways. That was completely unrelated to writing . 

I did get a bit of writing done this month....... and by a bit I mean 2k for my Camp Nano project. I started writing some snippets for fun and because I needed to get those scenes on paper. Now I can build off those yay!

I'm also going through The Sand Song and writing all over my printed book. I'm hoping in May I can take all those notes and new pieces, rewrite the parts that suck (oh wait that's more than half the book), and get this thing drafted. 

Ed Sheeran released his new album and I've fallen in love with What Do I Know?.
Tyler Joseph sings in this song and it's gold. Any song with Tyler is a favorite. 
Oh-- and this song by Judah and the Lion. 
As always I'm enjoying Sleeping at Last, Switchfoot, Relient K, Bastille, and the norm. Haha and so much Twenty One Pilots.

HOW WAS YOUR MONTH? Are you ready for camp tonight? Are you staying up all night and partying *ahem* writing? It's a Friday night so it works perfectly. (I hope my hands won't fall off tonight from word wars)

einarr-- my camp novel // all the details you need to know

GUYS GUYS GUYS. Camp Nano is only like three days away. 
This is both frightening and exciting and scary and stressful and no sanity for the next month huzzah!

[no not really]

I'm pretty sure that we will all die like 37 times then drink coffee and be on rush and hyper and I AM SO HYPED.

Oh. And I'm also here to talk a tiny bit about my camp project. It's sci-fi with bloody war and mental things and gah. Feels. This is a little scary since I'm talking about my next WIP and pretty much the whole world can see ack. Okay-- maybe I'm really nervous. (But it's okay. Haha.)

Since I consider myself a pirate about 3-7 times a year, I stole some questions from actual NaNo beautiful books linkup and selected a couple that I liked and answered them to make my life easy.
So that's where those came from if you were curious.

This sprouted from a couple things.
Pretty much an old idea (this goes way back to the hannah just discovered marvel days and lived happily ever after with the bucky barnes fandom) mixed together with a dream to do something with a super soldier.

The album Vessel by Twenty One Pilots. (because what story is complete without top?) 
But one of the other big factors in it was Mars by Sleeping at Last. The lyrics told this story that I wanted to write but with my twist. 

Also a little bit lot of Pinterest....... Captain America: The Winter Soldier.......... and a couple random snippets. 

Wellllllll-- for once I have a little synopsis here for you guys. It's messy..... it needs work, but hey IT'S A BOOK BLURB. 

[me when i wrote this blurb]

The war between the Scandinavian countries has been the cause of shed blood for decades-- but it all suddenly ends with bombs dropped on quiet cities leaving the countries silent.
Halvard joined the war with hopes of being a hero, but instead of saving others, he becomes the victim of one of the bombs-- the poster child of the war-- and is brought to a hospital to be healed.
The people in the hospital intend to fix Halvard, but with their own methods of experiments and other horrid things that make him not able to breath when he looks in the mirror and see's the boy who left to fight and hasn't returned because he's a lab rat. A failed experiment.
Closets and little nooks provide safety from the world screaming in terror as Halvard tries to heal in a place where healing is nonexistent-- but death is. 
then him, another soldier, and this girl escape to do rebellious things and (insert some wonderful synopsis ending here blurp)

The title was an amazing find. It makes me so happy and this story is ready to be told because it has a title after a year or so of floating ideas. 
Einarr is an ancient Scandinavian name that means 'alone and warrior'.  (You say it like Einstein but with the narr) This was obviously perfect for my novel. I went through a couple different titles before I settled on this (it makes me so happy gah) Yeah-- I used a name for my title and it's not even the characters name. It's nobodies name. Do I care? Nope. Is it normal? Probably not. Fight me on this. (It's weird sci-fi which means I can do what I want and it is acceptable)

That whole title things had nothing to do with the question but I'm a rebel today so. 

[and aesthetics. *sighs* it makes me so happy]

White hospital gowns, blood stained uniforms, polished boots, crisp snow, old sheets, stale food, cold skin that feels prickly in your mind, sad eyes, a hope in the horizon, a small tattoo, frozen trees. 

I cry.
Nooooooo. Okay seriously-- I try to plot and end up changing things. 
But mostly pinning things and searching through notebooks for old ideas, newer ideas, names, etc. 

But lots of post-it notes and scrap paper flying around. I honestly don't know. I feel like I spend wayyyy too much time on pinterest or I'm scribbling things down. 

SUPERSOLDIERS. And these couple of scenes I've plotted out and they are just so shiver inducing if you get what I mean. It's just-- you want to scream 'my smol child no no no'
It'll be a heartbreaker.

This one is really special especially with the things that Halvard is battling in his mind. It'll be awesome getting these complex things on paper and practically stab myself with feels.

Plus the whole feel of the novel. It'll be like cold and ice and I actually want to readers to feel cold. I love the cold (well not freeze your toes off cold, but nice cold like the 40's and no lower).
But this will be colder. Much colder. Much snow. It's very exciting-- especially since my last novel was in the desert.

hope. loyalty. friendship. pushing through hardships. not depending on yourself. 

just lot's of little themes instead of one large one. But they'll all show really well. Hopefully.

SO. THIS WAS A WILD BIT OF ME RAMBLING. But here's to to coming weeks of screaming, crying, fried brains, thousands of words, much feels, and caffeine. 

[me during nano]

what's your camp project? tell me all. if you want to stalk my progress you can find me here on camp

what's going on // my off-line life

I don't talk about me here very much. Like me/my life outside of the blog. It's actually really scary and stuff. Especially when I am tired or whatnot. So here's an update on hannah's word. (i legit starting doing to tune of elmo in my head. stahp it childhood.)

Here's my small update because hey it's fun to stalk and I have been so tight on time for anything and everything getting ready for Camp Nano. I haven't posted anything (but my awkward vlog) in a longggg time.
So this is just a list of things. A picture or two. I'm not good at talking about me. Ask me about my week and either I'm yelling about how school hates me, or I'm flailing. So yep. These are like tiny windows..... photos......snapshots inside me/my life for you all to enjoy. (I've had some of these written out and a small plan to do this when I was drowning and super busy)

-a friend and i were screaming (okay maybe just talking really loud and flailing) over how clint should have been with natasha and us talking at the same time. it's good being with other people who are just as invested into marvel as you are.

-valentines day included a dentist appointment and a vegan and gluten free coffee cupcake. oh. and me starting ms marvel. which bless her heart-- kamala khan is the cutest thing ever.

-waking up early on a cooler sunday morning with a phone camera in hand and just noticing the little things in the sky and on the ground-- looking at my black boots that probably aren't weather appropriate but some things are worth sacrificing for. like the black boots or black converse.

-i read the rogue one novel. i had stop a few times cause words can hit you hard. in the gut. then you're crying. it hurts a lot. words can really mean something. not just marking on a page. especially when it's about a kick butt blind guy, his assassin friend, an anxious pilots, the ever adorable cassian, and the rebel girl who wants to save these people and those planets. and i have plans to watch that heartbreaker all over again sometime soon. and have lots of sugar and caffeine to keep me sane.

-i got cold brew from a cute lil coffee shop where my friend's brother works. there was good music and i liked that a lot. he said i'd be up all night with that caffeine but i wasn't. i really wish i would have been cause i had big plans for editing. instead i binged watched a short british drama while editing my vlog. i also made cookie/brownie things with her. they were delicious. with ice cream. late at night. the next morning.

[this is from fall and i really miss it. a lot]

-just laying around pretending that i'm actually doing something-- and listening to bastille and remembering why i love their music. just trying to tread life. you know. i thought about it and it's already almost april which means that summer is so close and.
guys. i'll be turning seventeen in december. i'll be a junior in the fall. am i ready for all this? nope. there's a lot of blank spaces to fill in for the future. it's not scary for the most part-- just eye opening and really lets me see the truth in the lyrics from switchfoot 'life is short i want to live it well'.

-my youth group went out for laser tag and we had fun. my name was clint barton and i had fun shooting people because why wouldn't it be fun? we had ice cream after and laughed about our scores.

-oh. just remembering the switchfoot concert (from november) when jon foreman scaled the balcony and trusted his fans to boost him up. the united voices and hearts. everyone knowing the songs and singing out. screaming too loud, laughing too hard. also relient k and all the things they did. man-- i really want to do that all over again.

-another friend came over one day and i had my cap shirt on. she had an avengers shirt on. we high fived cause matching in marvel merch is the best ever. it's also really sad-- like when we went to see a movie (and inhaled much sugar) and i wore my spiderman jacket to get a picture with the spiderman poster that they don't have yet. it was sad. so i posed with logan and acted strange like i do when there's marvel stuff around. i'm just a walking fandom stand with assorted everything, and i'm proud of that.

[it almost looks like there's a ufo in the sky. maybe it's just me]

-just a lot of good music. listening to those hard-to-find-yet-worth-the-hours-i-spend-stalking-music folk songs that speak to my heart and make me all just emotions. i have my pun rock days. i have my folk days. i have my twenty one pilots all day and don't interrupt me days.
without music i'd honestly be a wreak.

- plotting my super soldier novel for camp. (i should have the post together for possibly tuesday)
it's a lot of anxiety and blurs and hospital things. things that are hard to write at times, but no one ever said being a writer was easy. these are good things to write about because i shouldn't torture the main character too much.

anyways. what's up with you all? tell me about your week? your camp nano project? yeah this was jumbled and rambly BUT I POSTED HELLO I'M BACK. You may have have seen me around on pinterest (for good reasons).

one year anniversary q&a // pretty much me rambling

HELLO GUYS! (sorry about my unplanned hiatus in which I actually didn't do anything extra since I wasn't posting...... just the normal school and stuff). But I finally got this filmed and ready! 

So there is a bit of back round noise from playing kids, but here is the vlog for my one year blog anniversary! (which we will celebrate with my end of the month post with some stats and such because I have no ideas) 
You guys had a ton of good questions and if I accidentally skipped one (or two or three ugh) questions on accident I'm really sorry. I had to stop a couple times and I got lost on my list a lot. (also I didn't realize how messy our room was and I keep saying sorry and just need to just accept that YOU GUYS ARE PROBABLY MESSY TOO AND LIFE ISN'T SO PERFECT AND CLEAN AND MY VIDEO ISN'T GOING TO BE PERFECT EITHER) 

But there's a lot of me talking..... me showing some books, I play ukulele, ended up getting an unplanned visit from a friend who sings while I play the uke (she also has a blog, go check it out cause it's awesome), and yeah. It was a good learning experience-- maybe I'll do more in the future because it was fun. But not something shorter....... not another 50 minute video.

And like I said in the vlog, I should have my post on my Camp NaNo project in the next week or so. Plus I should be back to posting if I can get some of my scattered ideas together. xD. 

so did I talk wayyyyyy too much? how about you guys answer one or two of the questions....? 

ASK ME QUESTIONS GUYS // one year blog anniversary q&a vlog

So, my one year blog anniversary thing is coming up at the end of March. I actually don’t know the exact date since I switched from Blogger to Wordpress right after I started and sadly lost the first couple posts…… so I’m just assuming it is the 25th but shhhhhhh. No one is going to care.

I thought it would be fun to put together a vlog with me answering your questions (yes cliche and everyone does it-- but it’ll be fun/awesome cause I will probably rant about things for a long time). I have a laptop, a phone, and a couple of puns to throw in when there's an awkward silence. It'll be great. ANYWAYS.
The little form is below, so ask away.
I’ll try to have this up in the next couple weeks. (hopefully on or before the 25th and some fun stuff on the anniversary OF MY SMALL CHILD BLOG…… maybe a giveaway? Maybe snippets? What should I do guys I’m lost?!)

But ask anything (don't ask me to dance please. Please don’t do that to me). Ask about books, writing, my favorite movies, marvel, and allllllll the things. COME AT ME. I might be able to get you the answers to questions that keep you awake at night and burn holes in your eyeballs. (don't ask why questions burns holes)
It'll be my face, your lovely questions, and a whole lot of laughing.

[deep questions yo] 

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